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  A Hopeful Home  
  Angela Lepore Phone# (804) 248-6257  
2120 Staples Mill Road, #201 Fax# (804) 895-7856
Richmond, VA 23230
  ahopefulhome@gmail.com www.caringandtraining.com  
A Hopeful Home is your dedicated partner in home companion care services as well as training needs throughout Richmond, Virginia. You can rely on our trained caregivers to give your elderly loved ones the quality care they deserve.
  A Hopeful Home  
  Tisha Green Phone# (804) 248-6257  
2120 Staples Mill Road, #201 Fax# (804) 895-7856
Richmond, VA 23230
  ahopefulhome-update@gmail.com www.caringandtraining.com  
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  Access Array LLC  
  marianne matocha Phone# (804) 744-3230  
Cell# (719) 209-1664
17537 Memorial Tournament Dr.
Midlothian, VA 23120
  mariannematocha@access-array.com www.access-array.com  
Access-Array, LLC. is a licensed and insured organizational & design business geared towards Seniors and those living alone. People need to be able to easily ACCESS their items and have furniture and items in an ARRAY. This makes life more manageable and brings organization, as well as extra safety into the home. Seniors are in their dwelling spaces for the majority of the time and it is important to overall health to have a pleasant, productive, and safe environment.
  Affinity Funeral Service  
  Josh Mullins Phone# (804) 477-3136  
Cell# (540) 846-1991
2720 Enterprise Parkway Fax# (804) 658-4137
Richmond, VA 23294
  affinityfh-update@gmail.com www.affinityfuneralservice.com  
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  Affinity Funeral Service  
  Kimberly Stein Phone# (804) 477-3136  
Cell# (540) 840-0685
2720 Enterprise Parkway Fax# (804) 658-4137
Richmond, VA 23294
  affinityfh@gmail.com www.affinityfuneralservice.com  
Affinity Funeral Service is a family-owned funeral home serving the Richmond Metro Area and surrounding counties.
  Aikey's Home Improvements, LLC  
  Kirk Aikey Phone# (804) 639-2514  
Cell# (804) 216-9371
14100 Whirlaway Way
Midlothian, VA 23112
  aikey1959@gmail.com www.aikeyshomeimprovements.com  
Aikey's Home Improvements is a CAPS certified full service Home Improvement Company. Our goal is to keep our seniors where they are the most comfortable, their home. With that in mind, we can widen doorways, install grab bars, ramps, renovated the bathroom and kitchen to be friendly to the physical needs of the senior. We can also preform other standard Home Improvements such as siding, windows and roofing.
  Always Best Care Richmond North  
  Alden Rice  
Cell# (804) 822-1835
4870 Sadler Road, Suite 300 Fax# (804) 761-8316
Glen Allen, VA 23060
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  Always Best Care Richmond North  
  Corinne Price Phone# (804) 833-8176  
Cell# (804) 833-8176
4870 Sadler Rd, Suite 300
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  cprice@abc-seniors.com www.alwaysbestcarerichmond.com  
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  Always Best Care Richmond North  
  Lynn Hancock Phone# (804) 368-3200  
Cell# (804) 822-1219
4870 Sadler Rd. Suite 300 Fax# (888) 761-8316
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  lhancock@abc-seniors.com www.alwaysbestcarerichmond.com  
Always Best Care, Richmond West combines national strength and standards with local accessibility and personalized service. Lynn and Tim Hancock, the owners of Always Best Care Richmond West are lifelong residents of Richmond, Virginia. Our team takes great pride in knowing we have helped hundreds of local families evaluate their social, physical and financial needs for senior care. The primary goal is helping families understand all available options and providing support throughout the process
  Always Best Care Richmond South  
  Joan Shifflett Phone# (804) 912-5688  
Cell# (804) 920-9190
10810 Hasty Ln, Suite 103 Fax# (804) 447-1239
Midlothian, VA 23112
  jshifflett@abc-seniors.com www.alwaysbestcarerichmondsouth.com  
Always Best Care provides in-home non-medical care and also FREE assisted living placement for seniors. For in-home care there are no minimum hour requirements. Caregivers are matched to accommodate your wants and needs including transportation to run errands, doctor appointments, or social events. Our assisted living placement service focuses on your WANTS, NEEDS, AND FINANCIAL situation to find the next best home for you. We drive you to three communities based on our intense interviews.
  Alzheimer's Association - Greater Richmond Chapter  
  Marie Kolendo Phone# (804) 967-2585  
4600 Cox Rd, Suite 130 Fax# (804) 967-2588
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  mkolendo@alz.org www.alz.org/grva  
The Mission of the Alzheimer's Association is (1) to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; (2) to provide and enhance care and support for all those affected; and (3) reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. The Greater Richmond Chapter serves 26 counties and 5 cities.
  Amada Senior Care  
  Jay Mann Phone# (804) 793-8255  
Cell# (443) 253-3443
6800 Paragon Place, Suite 106 Fax# (804) 793-8266
Richmond, VA 23230
  jay.m@amadaseniorcare.com www.amadaseniorcare.com/richmondwest  
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  Allen Moser Phone# (804) 564-4973  
Cell# (804) 310-5435
PO Box 4163 Fax# (804) 364-3622
Glen Allen, VA 23058
  allen.moser@amramp.com www.amramp.com  
Amramp provides durable, non-skid, mesh, steel wheelchair ramps for purchase or for rental. We conduct a free evaluation and most ramps can be set up in less than a day. Also available are stair lifts, vertical platform lifts and portable showers.
  Mike Berry Phone# (804) 282-4364  
Cell# (804) 955-9668
730 N Pinetta Dr Fax# (804) 288-4734
North Chesterfield, VA 23235
  mdberry1990@gmail.com www.aseracare.com  
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  BeneFinder / Virginia Senior Services  
  Wendy Bryant Phone# (804) 302-5808  
Cell# (804) 578-6400
707 N Courthouse Rd Fax# (804) 290-0304
North Chesterfield, VA 23226
  wendy@benefinder.com www.benefinder.com  
BeneFinder was born out of the desire to help individuals and families find a better match for their health insurance. The goal is to simplify the process and level the playing field for people looking at health insurance options. We can take your personal information and direct you to a better option to save you money. The more information you give us, the better we can direct you to the right solution. The basis of the analysis is a comparison tool that looks at health insurance a different way. To us, it’s not just about what you pay each month, but also what you have to pay if you get sick or hurt. If you provide some history about what kind of medical needs you have or will have in the future, then we’ll estimate for you how much you’re likely to spend in copays, deductibles, and other cost under each plan. We will also give your options a customized grade. This score takes into account things like the number of doctors and hospitals in the network, the plan design itself, the price of the plan, and even things like having to get a referral or not. This way you can really compare apples to apples, and make a better decision. We will compare plans on the “exchange marketplace” as well as plans that may have larger networks or other benefits outside of the exchanges. We will also illustrate estimated savings if you qualify for a federal premiums subsidy and take this into account with our scores. Not convinced? Give it a try. The process is simple and free. In fact, by law you’re guaranteed that we’re providing you with the best rate for your recommended plan – even if you were to find it somewhere else. And if you enroll through BeneFinder, you’ll also get access to our full support team to help with claims problems, billing concerns, and future benefit selection needs. We are paid by the insurance companies the same no matter which plan you elect, so you can be assured that we always have your best interest in mind. Come help us change the way people find their benefits!
  Bickford of Chesterfield Assisted Living  
  Samantha Goodman Phone# (804) 594-7055  
Cell# (515) 290-8391
11200 West Huguenot Rd Fax# (913) 254-4890
Midlothian, VA 23114
  samantha.goodman@enrichinghappiness.com www.enrichinghappiness.com  
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  Jennifer Moss Phone# (804) 355-3800  
Cell# (804) 510-4510
3801 Augusta Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230
  jmoss@blileys.com www.blileys.com  
In 1874, founder Joseph W. Bliley, Sr. established what has become a family tradition of serving the community by providing compassionate care and unparalleled service. In this region, which is dominated by huge chains and multinational conglomerates, we proudly remain independent and family owned. We care for families of all faiths and cultures, and are able to assist those with or without a spiritual leader. Bliley’s is committed to educating the public so they can make informed decisions on an individualized plan of death, dying and grieving. The Community Outreach program was designed to provide education to end of life staff and volunteers so they can assist patients and families understand their rights, options and think through the process of death and how it affects the living.
  Boomer 3 Solutions, LLC  
  Rita McCulloch Phone# (804) 314-9988  
PO Box 9013 Fax# (804) 232-8493
Richmond, VA 23225
  rita@boomer3solutions.com www.boomer3solutions.com  
When is the best time to make a stressful decision? Before the Stress Begins. This is what we do. We help educate, organize & prepare families for some of the challenges that comes along with golden age care and caregiving. All of the documents you don't have, we will help you to get them, "Before the Stress Begins".
  Boomer Connections, LLC  
  Camille LaCognata Phone# (804) 601-4994  
Cell# (804) 363-3040
PO Box 2747
Glen Allen, VA 23058
  camille@boomerconnections.com www.BoomerConnections.com  
BoomerConnections.com provides a meeting place online for the Baby Boomer demographic to share life experiences and stories, engage and connect with each other and their community, address challenges, stay informed, become invigorated and enthusiastic about the future using a tool that is both fun and easy to navigate. We empower Boomers to experience these years as the most enjoyable and rewarding of their lives.
  Bremo Pharmacy  
  Anne Anderson Phone# (804) 285-8055  
Cell# (804) 380-0311
2002 Staples Mill Rd Fax# (804) 285-8059
Richmond, VA 23230
  anne.anderson@bremorx.com www.bremorx.com  
Bremo Pharmacy specializes in medication management for seniors. Some of those services include: • Free Delivery: monthly prescriptions delivered to your doorstep; free with SyncRx • SyncRx: all medications are reviewed by a clinical pharmacist every month and refills are synchronized so that all prescriptions are ready at the same time each month • Bubble packing of medications on calendar cards to eliminate the time consuming task of organizing medications in pill boxes • Compounding: Customizing medications tailored to meet unique patient needs (for example, making liquids, gummies or suppositories when patients are unable to swallow; making creams and gels for localized absorption) • Immunizations/Vaccines: Full range of vaccines for international travel and to keep seniors healthy; including shingles, pneumonia, Tdap, flu and more • Compression Hose and Socks: Certified fitters can help ease tired, achy, swollen legs with properly fitted compression hose - full line of colors and styles in stock • Wallet sized medication list: Current, comprehensive, and updated monthly • Medication Check Ups: One on one with a clinical pharmacist to review all medications. May be covered by insurance
  BrightStar Care of Richmond  
  Mark Grasser Phone# (804) 378-8686  
Cell# (804) 929-7198
10800 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 120 Fax# (804) 378-0083
Richmond, VA 23235
  mark.grasser@brightstarcare.com www.brightstarcare.com  
Locally owned and operated, and Joint Commission Accredited, BrightStar Care of Richmond cares for people of all ages and provides services from companionship, dressing, hygiene assistance, light houskpg., meal prep. and transportation., to med. mgmt., PT and OT, and in-home blood draws. Our RN Director of Nursing prepares initial and subsequent plans of care, and oversees all care. If your needs change BrightStar has the people in place to assess the change and adjust the level of care provided.
  Brookdale Imperial Plaza  
  Cassandra Mitchell Phone# (804) 553-2896  
Cell# (804) 292-4103
1717 Bellevue Avenue Fax# (804) 266-6132
Richmond, VA 23227
  cassandra.mitchell@brookdale.com www.brookdale.com  
  Buford Road Pharmacy  
  Lucy Keesee Phone# (804) 272-1423  
Cell# (804) 591-8434
2608 Buford Road Fax# (804) 272-1697
North Chesterfield, VA 23235
  lucykeesee@bufordrx.com www.bufordrx.com  
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  Carlton-Gray Systems, Inc  
  Darcy Waters Phone# (804) 798-5600  
206 Haley Road Fax# (804) 798-5657
Ashland, VA 23005
  cgs@carltongray.com www.carltongray.com  
Carlton-Gray Systems specializes in the design, installation and service of computer and telephone networks, fire alarm systems, nurse call systems and security systems for commercial applications. Our valued reputation is a direct result of the systems we install & the service we provide. Class A Contractor, SWaM Certified, DCJS License No 11-1769. Carlton-Gray Systems is your connection to network solutions.
  Christy Walsh-Smith Phone# (804) 474-8800  
2300 Cedarfield Parkway
Richmond, VA 23233
  cwsmith@vumh.org www.hermitage-cedarfield.com  
Cedarfield is a non-profit continuing care community located on 90 beautiful acres nestled in the West End of Richmond. Cedarfield opened its doors in 1996, and is owned and operated by Virginia United Methodist Homes,Inc. Elegant and spacious apartments and cottage homes are offered to active older adults 62+. As a Lifecare community, residents may move to assisted living, memory support or nursing care, with no increase in their monthly fee. Waiting list times vary.
  Marti Miller Phone# (804) 968-5520  
2300 Cedarfield Parkway Fax# (804) 968-5541
Richmond, VA 23233
  mmiller@vumh.org hermitage-cedarfield.com  
Cedarfield is a continuing care community located in the West End of Richmond. Cedarfield opened its doors in 1996, and is owned and operated by Virginia United Methodist Homes,Inc. Elegant and spacious apartments and cottage homes are offered to active older adults 62+. As a Lifecare community, residents may move to assisted living, memory support or nursing care, with no increase in their monthly fee. Waiting lists will vary - some availability in select residences.
  Choice Connections of Virginia  
  Lisa Hollier Phone# (804) 364-0123  
Cell# (804) 334-0883
6000 Oxbury Ct Fax# (804) 836-1858
Glen Allen, VA 23059
  lhollier@choiceconnectionsva.com www.choiceconnectionsva.com  
Choice Connections of Virginia is a FREE senior housing advisory service that provides a high touch, personalized service to seniors and their families. A Certified Senior Advisor helps clients explore and understand options in the Richmond and Peninsula areas. We provide objective and compassionate guidance every step of the way in making this important decision and remain advocates after the move. The search to find the "perfect fit" home for seniors has never been easier or less stressful!
  CLD Caregiving Services, LLC  
  Carolyn Davis Phone# (804) 517-2240  
Cell# (804) 517-2240
8411 Walnut Grove Rd Fax# (804) 779-0242
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
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  ComForCare Homecare  
  Christian Sierra Phone# (804) 285-2892  
Cell# (757) 439-2774
8003 Franklin Farms Drive, Suite113 Fax# (804) 285-2894
Richmond, VA 23229
  csierra@comforcare.com www.comforcare.com  
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  Comfort Keepers  
  Mark Sheets Phone# (804) 750-1123  
Cell# (804) 263-3190
10833 Ridgefield Parkway Fax# (804) 750-1551
Henrico, VA 23238
  marksheets@comfortkeepers.com www.comfortkeepers.com/richmondwest-va  
One on One tailored Personal Care, Companion Care, Transportation, and Home Safety Technologies. Home safety technologies include Personal Emergency Response systems, Automated Medication Dispensing Systems, and Home monitoring solutions.
  Commonwealth Assisted Living - Chesterfield  
  Christine Lebel Phone# (804) 271-9209  
Cell# (804) 629-5329
4931 Ridgedale Parkway Fax# (804) 349-0344
Richmond, VA 23234
  clebel@commonwealthal.com www.commonwealthal.com  
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  Companion Extraordinaire  
  Dave Bodman Phone# (804) 752-2205  
Cell# (804) 517-3898
5311 Lakeside Avenue Fax# (0) -
Henrico, VA 23228
  dbodman@cenninc.com www.cenninc.com  
Providing in-home health care services that include but not limited to: Personal Care, Supportive Care and Skilled Nursing Care. Training Classes available for CNA,PCA and MT.
  Companion Extraordinaire Home Care  
  Nancy Boyer Phone# (804) 752-2205  
Cell# (804) 304-3118
5311 Lakeside Avenue Fax# (804) 752-3403
Henrico, VA 23228
  nboyer@cenninc.com www.cenninc.com  
Providing in-home health care services that include but not limited to: Personal Care, Supportive Care Skilled Care, pastoral, Classes and much more.
  Company B Communications  
  Cherie Blazer Phone# (804) 543-4001  
Cell# (804) 543-4001
5843 Shady Hills Way Fax# (804) 360-9682
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Company B Communications is a Public Relations consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses that help seniors. We find a way to effectively reach your audience and clearly communicate the services you provide and why these services are valuable to the end user. We help you tell your story: press releases and media relations, educational outreach, speeches and video scripts, and maximizing ad copy and web site copy.
  Covenant Home Care  
  Lorna Smith Phone# (804) 569-6104  
Cell# (804) 402-1630
9568 Kings Charter Drive, Suite 201B Fax# (804) 767-8982
Ashland, VA 23005
  lorna@covenanthome.care www.covenanthome.care  
Our mission at Covenant Home Care is to ensure a better quality of life for seniors, disabled citizens and their families, by providing dependable and affordable in-home care. We are a locally owned, spiritually-based company, committed to preserving the dignity and respect that our seniors so greatly deserve. Like us on FaceBook - Covenant Home Care, Inc. Visit our website - www.covenanthome.care Your first choice for in-home care.
  Covenant Woods  
  Meghan Tomes Phone# (804) 569-8182  
7090 Covenant Woods Drive Fax# (804) 569-8177
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
  mtomes@covenantwoods.com www.covenantwoods.com  
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  Creatively Yours Custom, Inc  
  Linda Hunt Phone# (804) 746-0255  
Cell# (804) 647-1412
6406 Tammy Ln
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
  linda@creativelyyourscustom.com www.creativelyyourscustom.com  
I offer full service interior design specializing in custom window treatments/downsizing design for seniors & empty nesters. I also do on-site drapery/upholstery dry cleaning. We will design a beautiful, comfortable & safe environment to suit your needs. We come to you so you can see everything right there in your own home. We can do bedding & upholstery made to fit your spaces & be tailored for comfort & safety. I was awarded the 'Best of Houzz' in 2013, 2014 and this year 2015.
  Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen  
  Molly Kaufman Phone# (804) 261-2787  
Cell# (804) 822-6310
2880 Mountain Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  development@artsglenallen.com www.artsglenallen.com  
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  Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen  
  Mackenzie Zahler Phone# (804) 261-2787  
Cell# (804) 380-7126
2880 Mountain Road Fax# (804) 261-6219
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  artsoutreach@artsglenallen.com www.artsglenallen.com  
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  Darby House  
  Kelly Roy Phone# (804) 236-8382  
1400 Shirley Dale Avenue Fax# (804) 236-8389
Richmond, VA 23231
  manager502@habitatamerica.com www.darbyhouse.net  
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  Dering Cleaning Service, LLC  
  Leslie Dering Phone# (804) 239-5865  
Cell# (804) 239-5865
PO Box 70275
Henrico, VA 23255
This is a licensed, bonded and insured local company offering a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning services throughout Richmond and central Virginia. I offer detailed one-time and recurring cleaning. In addition to cleaning I offer home organization and on site laundry services.
  Door To Door Solutions  
  Donnie Harper Phone# (804) 261-4124  
Cell# (804) 433-9697
2214 Westwood Avenue Fax# (804) 918-0661
Richmond, VA 23230
  donnie@doortodoorsolutions.com www.doortodoorsolutions.com  
If you want the BEST experience, call Door to Door! We help with later life transitions and we are TOTALLY focused on our clients having a well planned, organized and positive move. We are expert in moving and handle antiques daily. Our team of movers and move managers will make your transition from a home to a community the best one yet!
  Door to Door Solutions  
  Katie Hamann Phone# (804) 261-4124  
2214 Westwood Avenue Fax# (804) 918-0661
Richmond, VA 23230
  katie@doortodoorsolutions.com www.doortodoorsolutions.com  
We are a relocation company specifically dedicated to helping people move later in life, and typically to a smaller space. We assist with these transitions with services such as space planning, packing, moving and set up of our client's new home. We work almost exclusively with clients moving into CCRCs and retirement communities. We also have solutions for all the items that don't move like shipping, selling, donating or disposing what remains! We love moves within retirement communities as well
  Dunmar Moving  
  Susan Campbell Phone# (804) 767-7517  
Cell# (804) 874-8824
8030 Whitepine Rd Fax# (804) 271-6342
N. Chesterfield, VA 23237
  scampbell@dunmar.com www.Dunmar.com  
Dunmar Moving makes moving easier - serving the Commonwealth and beyond since 1970! Along with packing, moving, unpacking, and storage, we provide concierge services: * Sorting & downsizing * Packing & unpacking * Local moves & long-distance moves * Furniture placement plans * Decluttering the house to sell * Set up new home & put everything away * Resources for other services We are the extra hands to give you more time to do the important things. Call for a FREE consultation.
  Freedom Respiratory  
  Debra Willis Phone# (804) 266-2002  
Cell# (804) 909-5414
2852 E Parham Rd Fax# (804) 266-1025
Henrico, VA 23228
National Medicare provider for respiratory services providing oxygen, CPAP, Bi Pap, nebulizers, complimentary overnight oximetry, and TRILOGY units. Take Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances. Serving physicians, hospitals, facilities and community! We make it easy. Just call and ask! 266-2002 We care about your health!
  Genesis Rehab Services-Vitality to You  
  Julie Roy Phone# (540) 259-2602  
Fax# (610) 961-5906
  julie.roy@genesishcc.com www.genesisrehab.com/ourservices/therapyservices/vitalitytoyou.aspx  
Vitality to You offers outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services – we bring the clinic to your clients. We will help you reach your maximum level of safety and independence wherever you are. Our specialized rehabilitation therapy services can address for example: Pre/Post orthopedic surgery, Safe driving, Fall risk management, Low vision, Cardiopulmonary conditions, Memory care, Pain management, Incontinence, Prosthetic management, and more
  Ginter Hall Assisted Living  
  Fran Wyand Phone# (804) 794-7770  
11300 Mall Drive Fax# (804) 379-0423
North Chesterfield, VA 23235
  fwyand@ginterhall.com www.ginterhall.com  
As Community Relations Director at Ginter Hall Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, I enjoy getting to know the family members who come to tour our community and find that it is the perfect fit for their loved one. It is so nice to hear family and visitors praise us for our family atmosphere between the staff and the residents. The friendships and relationships that are formed here make Ginter Hall South a truly special place for our residents to live and for our staff to work.
  Golden Living, Elizabeth Adam Crump Manor  
  Connie Pryor Phone# (804) 672-8725  
Cell# (804) 385-1103
3600 Mountain Road Fax# (804) 756-1376
Glen Allen, VA 23060
A comprehensive skilled nursing home and rehabilitation center that offers short-term rehab, long-term care, hospice care and respite care.
  Greenfield Senior Living  
  Sara Abbott Phone# (804) 257-7949  
Cell# (804) 683-6191
501 N. Allen Ave
Richmond, VA 23220
  Guidelight Money Management, LLC  
  Gene White Phone# (804) 241-7506  
Cell# (804) 241-7506
4860 Cox Road, Suite 200 Fax# (804) 747-6182
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  gene.white@guidelightmoneymgmt.com www.guidelightmoneymgmt.com  
Bill paying; checkbook balancing; budgeting & planning; review credit card statements and insurance & medical billings for accuracy; review & recommend service providers, i.e., lawn care, auto service, home repair, etc. Organize estate documents; Credit counseling. Seminars for seniors on ID Theft & Elder Fraud. We are like having your own personal business manager. If you aren't sure what to do about something, call Guidelight Money Management."Simplifying personal finances."
  Hall & Hall, PLC  
  Chelsea Gray Phone# (804) 897-1515  
12090 West Broad Street Fax# (804) 897-2499
Richmond, VA 23233
  cgray@hallandhallfamilylaw.com www.hallandhallfamilylaw.com  
At Hall & Hall, established in 1969, our experienced family law attorneys, with offices in Richmond, help seniors and their families obtain long term care while protecting their assets as fully as possible. We assist with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, estate planning, guardianship, probate, and estate administration. We help with elder law planning for Medicaid and VA Benefits for Aid & Attendance and with legal matters relating to Alzheimer's.
  Hall & Hall, PLC  
  Heather W. Winter Phone# (804) 897-1515  
1401 Huguenot Rd, Suite 100 Fax# (804) 897-2499
Midlothian, VA 23113
  hwinter@hallandhallfamilylaw.com www.hallandhallfamilylaw.com  
At Hall & Hall, established in 1969, our experienced family law attorneys, with offices in Richmond and Midlothian, help seniors and their families obtain long term care while protecting their assets as fully as possible. We assist with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced medical directives, estate planning, guardianship, probate, and estate administration. We help with elder law planning for Medicaid and VA Benefits for Aid & Attendance and with legal matters relating to Alzheimer's.
  Hall & Hall, PLC  
  Phoebe Hall Phone# (804) 897-1515  
12090 West Broad Street Fax# (804) 897-2499
Richmond, VA 23233
At Hall & Hall, established in 1969, our experienced family law attorneys, with offices in Richmond, help seniors and their families obtain long term care while protecting their assets as fully as possible. We assist with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, estate planning, guardianship, probate, and estate administration. We help with elder law planning for Medicaid and VA Benefits for Aid & Attendance and with legal matters relating to Alzheimer's.
  Happy New Beginnings with Napier Realtors ERA  
  Bernice Sim Phone# (804) 747-7653  
Cell# (804) 874-8890
10148 West Broad Street, #200 Fax# (804) 847-8193
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  bernice@era.com www.HappyNewBeginnings.com  
Upbeat. Warm. Here for YOU. Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES certified) I create Happy New Beginnings by helping people buy and sell homes. I am very attentive, proactive, & responsive. I specialize in sensitively servicing baby boomers & seniors. "Building dreams & relationships, one house at a time."
  Heritage Insurance Consulting  
  Carl Duffey Phone# (804) 744-4481  
Cell# (804) 921-3924
PO Box 1926 Fax# (804) 601-2568
Midlothian, VA 23113
  carl@heritageinsuranceconsulting.com www.heritageinsuranceconsulting.net  
We assist our clients with pre-retirement planning using a wide array of financial and insurance solutions. We use a variety of strategies to achieve your goals and we will work with your existing financial team. So let's talk about a better and safer way to protect yourself, your family and your money as you begin to transition to a retirement lifestyle.
  Heroes Academy  
  Sorana Blackfoot Phone# (888) 437-6550  
Cell# (804) 687-2384
21 Buford Rd, Suite H
Richmond, VA 23235
  sorana@heroacad.net www.learnmoney.com  
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  Home Helpers  
  Tracey Boseman Phone# (804) 864-4258  
715 Twinridge Lane Fax# (804) 592-5848
North Chesterfield, VA 23235
  58239@homehelpershomecare.com www.homehelpershomecare.com/richmond  
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  Home Instead Senior Care  
  Lynn Black Phone# (804) 527-1100  
Cell# (804) 387-4509
2565 Homeview Drive Fax# (804) 527-1130
Richmond, VA 23294
  lynn.black@homeinstead.com www.homeinsteadrichmond.com  
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  Home Matters of VA, Inc  
  Alyson Pedlow  
Cell# (804) 385-2433
804 Hepler Rd
Richmond, VA 23229
  alyson@homemattersofva.com www.homemattersofva.com  
I am a stress reliever to seniors! From floor planning, packing, unpacking, and finding a new home for the items left behind, I make the transition as stress-free as possible.
  Horizons Hospice  
  Bob Yurachek Phone# (804) 353-2702  
Cell# (804) 971-3031
3228 W Cary St Fax# (804) 353-2719
Richmond, VA 23221
Please Enter Description Here
  Betsy Bauer Phone# (804) 474-0000  
Cell# (804) 677-7008
3245 Basic Road
Richmond, VA 23228
  betsybauer@iheartmedia.com www.iheartmedia.com/richmond  
Please Enter Description Here
  Inside Your Business  
  Michael Boykin Phone# (804) 833-7184  
Cell# (804) 833-7184
3205 Semmes Avenue Fax# (804) 291-1154
Richmond, VA 23225
  mboykin@in-your.biz http://in-your.biz  
Inside Your Business supports your business from the inside out. We do this with an array of services, including marketing, public/media relations, corporate communications, database management, fund development, networking, conference displays and premium products. Services are provided on an ongoing, per-project or one-time basis.
  JenCare Neighborhood Medical Care  
  Sandra DeLoatch Phone# (804) 331-3127  
  sandra.deloatch@jencaremed.com www.jencaremed.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Jewish Family Services  
  Deb Green Phone# (804) 282-5644  
Cell# (804) 840-3757
6718 Patterson Avenue Fax# (804) 285-0006
Richmond, VA 23226
  dgreen@jfsrichmond.org www.jfsrichmond.org  
Please Enter Description Here
  Julie's Desk  
  Julie Shallow Phone# (804) 304-3366  
Cell# (804) 304-3366
15673 Fox Cove Circle
Moseley, VA 23120
  julie@julies-desk.com www.julies-desk.com  
Julie's Desk organizes and manages the personal affairs of Seniors. We sort through and inventory the household, financial, healthcare, and legal paperwork the senior accumulates and then manage it on an ongoing basis. Julie's Desk restores peace-of-mind and precious time to our clients and their families.
  Kasey Care Home Care Services  
  Dave Bickel Phone# (804) 852-6304  
Cell# (804) 852-6304
2101 E Parham Rd, Suite 103
Henrico, VA 23228
  daveb@kaseycare.com www.kaseycare.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Keller Williams Realty Richmond West  
  Sheilah Augustine Phone# (804) 873-9704  
Cell# (804) 873-9704
6600 West Broad Street #150
Richmond, VA 23230
  sheilahaugustine@kw.com www.sheilahaugustinerichmond.yourkwagent.com  
Sheilah Augustine has been a licensed Realtor in Virginia since 2002, a member of Richmond Senior Network since 2005 and became a Senior Real Estate Specialist in October of 14.She joined the largest real estate company in the United States, Keller Williams Realty in 2013. Sheilah is a full time Realtor that goes above and beyond for her clients. Whether buying or selling, she can get the job done and do it with enthusiasm and energy! Give her a call today to see how she can work for your family.
  Keller Williams Realty/Richmond West  
  Ollie Chambers Phone# (804) 564-7823  
6600 West Broad Street, Suite 150 Fax# (804) 282-9560
Richmond, VA 23230
  olliechambers@erols.com http://olliechambers.yourkwagent.com  
After helping over 500 families buy and sell their homes, I understand that one of the most difficult emotional processes a Senior Citizen will go through is that of selling their home. With a 25 year career in Real Estate, I have accumulated a network of movers, estate planners, attorneys, cleaning services, an auction company, and other services to meet the unique needs of every client.
  Lakewood Manor  
  Donna Buhrman Phone# (804) 521-9134  
Cell# (804) 514-9380
1900 Lauderdale Drive Fax# (804) 521-9154
Richmond, VA 23238
  dbuhrman@vbh.org www.lakewoodmanor.org  
Lakewood,a Ministry of Virginia Baptist Homes, is a non-profit retirement community who has served residents for over 35 years. Today, you'll find a community that offers residences with the latest amenities, an amazing choice of activities, a prime location close to shopping and culture, and the security of continuing care. Every resident has access to: 24-hour on-call nurse, clinic services, physician, dentist, audiologist, podiatrist, therapy, and medication management.
  Law Offices of Robin Gnatowsky  
  Robin Gnatowsky Phone# (804) 364-5071  
PO Box 4066 Fax# (804) 364-6387
Glen Allen, VA 23058
  Lee Law Office  
  Melanie Lee Phone# (804) 204-1500  
Cell# (804) 519-7275
1809 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220
  melanielee@mleelaw.com www.mleelaw.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Legal Shield  
  Ken Kelly Phone# (804) 301-6686  
14518 Needham Market Rd
Midlothian, VA 23112
  kkelly65@legalshieldassociate.com www.kkelly65.legalshieldassociate.com  
I'm an independent associate with LegalShield. We offer a portfolio of legal and identity theft services protecting the legal rights and identities of families and small businesses. I specialize in the small business and employee benefits division, where we can help small businesses affordably protect and grow their business and offer a voluntary employee benefit to their employees at no out-of-pocket expense to the employer.
  LifeCare Medical Transports, Inc  
  Patricia Matthews Phone# (540) 752-7721  
Cell# (540) 845-7350
1170 International Parkway Fax# (540) 752-5194
Fredericksburg, VA 22406
  tmatthews@lifecare94.com www.lifecare94.com  
LifeCare provides reliable, high quality professional care to patients who require medical transportation to and from hospitals, nursing care facilities, doctors' offices, dialysis, radiation, and physical therapy treatments and other outpatient services. LifeCare operates one of the largest fleets of Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support ambulances in Virginia, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both local and long distance, emergency and non-emergency transports.540-752-5883
  Mary Kay  
  Lucy Wallace Phone# (804) 512-4073  
12860 Old Church Rd
New Kent, VA 23124
  lucywallace83587@yahoo.com www.marykay.com/lucybwallace  
Please Enter Description Here
  Media Home Health and Hospice  
  Kristin Fox Phone# (804) 282-4301  
Cell# (804) 382-0784
4200 Park Place Ct Fax# (804) 282-4303
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  kfox@msa-corp.com www.msa-corp.com  
We believe in providing the most comprehensive, quality home healthcare available. We believe in delivering compassionate service by qualified professionals. We believe in TOTAL home healthcare. Our agency offers home health care as well as hospice care.
  Medicare and More  
  Diana Edwards, CSA Phone# (804) 674-1795  
Cell# (804) 674-1795
9100 Arboretum Parkway Suite 180 Fax# (804) 330-0094
Richmond, VA 23236
We are independent brokers representing a number of carriers to help seniors with major decisions regarding their Medicare Options. If you are turning 65, new to the area, leaving employer coverage, etc., you will want to talk to us! We can help you, enroll you and be your ongoing resource for your Medicare needs. We also help those retiring and needing to rollover your 401K. We offer long term care, final expense, living trusts, life insurance and so much more. Call us today and let us help!
  More Than Moving for Seniors, Inc  
  Lauren Foate Phone# (804) 232-6480  
4909 West Marshall St Fax# (804) 262-7485
Richmond, VA 23230
Please Enter Description Here
  MoveMyMom, LLC  
  Doug Sutton Phone# (804) 338-2647  
Cell# (804) 338-2647
4112 Park Ave, Suite 301 Fax# (804) 358-2735
Richmond, VA 23221
  movemymom@verizon.net www.movemymom.com  
MoveMyMom is a locally owned senior move management company. We specialize in relocating senior citizens from their present residences to a more suited venue. Our menu of services includes resources for a new residence, complete interior design servcies, move managemnt, estate dispersal, and preparing the origianl property for sale. We may be reached at movemymom@verizon.net or 804.338.2647. And please visit our website at www.movemymom.com.
  New Dawn Memory Care  
  Micah Hunt  
Cell# (757) 503-5889
10601 Barbara Lane
Richmond, VA 23233
  micah.hunt@newdawnal.com www.newdawnal.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  New York Life  
  Robert Klaassen Phone# (804) 935-5397  
Cell# (804) 909-2503
13138 Winston Road Fax# (804) 935-5350
Ashland, VA 23005
  Barbara Satterwhite Phone# (804) 437-0243  
Cell# (804) 437-0243
4504 Monument Ave
Richmond, VA 23230
  barbsatterwhite@gmail.com www.nikken.com/satterwhite  
Nikken, a 38 year old global wellness company, provides natural energy solutions to our many challenges.Nikken products address areas vital to your health: water, air, sleep, nutrition & energy. Nikken is a Trusted Partner of "Healthy Child, Healthy World", the organization dedicated to protecting children and adults against chemical toxins. Healthy Child, Healthy World and Nikken share a commitment to create healthy environments where families can flourish. http://awakeupstory.healthychild.org.
  No Worry Moving  
  Kris Shouldice Phone# (804) 366-7681  
  kshouldice@noworrymoving.com www.noworrymoving.com  
We are a moving company specializing in senior moves.
  No Worry Moving  
  Susan O'Neil Phone# (804) 366-7681  
Cell# (804) 272-6223
  soneil@noworrymoving.com www.noworrymoving.com  
We are a moving company specializing in senior moves.
  Nurse Next Door  
  Tim Hoerrner Phone# (804) 716-7194  
2214 Westwood Ave
Henrico, VA 23230
  TimHoerrner@NurseNextDoorRVA.com www.NurseNextDoorRVA.com  
Nurse Next Door provides compassionate, flexible and reliable home care, delivered by exceptional caregivers. We offer a full spectrum of personalized care for each clients specific needs ranging from 3 hour weekly visits of friendly companionship and housekeeping through around-the-clock skilled medical care. With expert support available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, seniors can remain comfortable and independent in their own homes while families are given peace of mind.
  Oasis Senior Advisors  
  Joseph (Joe) Gallagher Phone# (804) 836-3046  
Cell# (804) 836-3046
2217 Flat Branch Ct
Henrico, VA 23233
  jgallagher@youroasisadvisor.com www.westrichmond.oasissenioradivsors.com  
A Free Service for Seniors & Families who are searching for the right Assisted Living Community. We meet with each client or their families personally to carefully assess specific needs. We create a unique profile in our Oasis IQ software system, present to each client a refined list of suitable communities, schedule & then accompany them on their tours. Also provided is an offering of support network experts in various areas that can assist & guide our clients. Greater Richmond, Colonial Heights
  Oasis Senior Advisors  
  Judy Gallagher Phone# (804) 836-3046  
Cell# (804) 306-1511
2217 Flat Branch Ct
Henrico, VA 23233
  jgallagher-update@youroasisadvisor.com www.westrichmond.oasissenioradvisors.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Our Health Magazine  
  Kim Wood Phone# (540) 792-504  
Cell# (540) 798-2504
303 S Colorado St Fax# (540) 382-6483
Salem, VA 24153
  kimwood@ourhealthvirginia.com www.ourhealthrichmond.com  
OurHealth is an independently owned print and online health and lifestyle information source. With content dedicated to communities across Virginia, OurHealth partners with local healthcare and healthcare-related experts to deliver timely, in-depth information about local medical procedures and services, research, nutrition, fitness, and human interest topics.
  Our Lady of Hope  
  Gail Everhart Phone# (804) 360-1960  
13700 North Gayton Dr Fax# (804) 364-0737
Richmond, VA 23233
  geverhart@ourladyofhope.com www.ourladyofhope.com  
Sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Our Lady of Hope Health Center is a non-denominational, non-profit community. Heralding highly regarded skilled nursing and rehab services as well as a full continuum of care, residents are assured that their needs will be met by an interdisciplinary team of skilled, caring professionals. Residents, their family and friends also enjoy the warmth and beauty, convenience and accessibility of our community, located in Richmond's West End.
  Payroll Vault  
  Stacey MacAulay Phone# (804) 249-6808  
Cell# (804) 625-2399
3781 Westerre Parkway, Suite A
Richmond, VA 23233
  stacey.macaulay@payrollvault.com www.paayrollvault.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  pcLearning4U, LLC  
  Ted Kopp Phone# (804) 747-7157  
Cell# (804) 337-5354
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  ted@pclearning4u.com www.pclearning4u.com  
Just as people hire personal fitness trainers to help them with their yoga or exercise routines, pcLearning4U offers personal training to help people improve their math and computer skills. We work with people of all ages. For example, if a senior needs help navigating the Internet, or if a young adult is looking to improve his or her math skills to pass the ASVAB military entrance exam, we are the training agency "4U"!
  Pinnacle First Financial Group  
  E. Gray Glass, III Phone# (804) 288-7272  
Cell# (804) 539-1313
4405 Cox Road, Suite 250 Fax# (804) 525-7440
Richmond, VA 23060
  gglass@pinnfirst.com www.pinnfirst.com  
I work with business owners and retirees to set up and effectively manage their retirement assets so they can live their desired life style in retirement.
  Quality Management Institute  
  Steve Noel Phone# (877) 976-7662  
Cell# (804) 304-5458
300 Brigade Ct
Ashland, VA 23005
  shnoel@comcast.net www.qmnation.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Remax Commonwealth  
  Gordon Laroussini Phone# (804) 377-0707  
200 Westgate Prkwy, #102 Fax# (804) 612-4779
Richmond, VA 23233
  gordon@gordonshomes.com www.GordonsHomes.com  
As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) I work with you to Downsize your senior in a planned way. With a history of personal and hands on experience working with family members, estate planners/attorneys and senior move managers, the Downsizing process is easier and less stressful. If needed, I suggest additional team members in many professions to support your efforts. Unwinding a Lifetime is a full time position and having experienced resources makes the process easier. RE/MAX Hall of FAME
  Resource One Furnishings  
  Cindy Loshkreff Phone# (804) 643-0017  
223 N 1st Street
Richmond, VA 23219
  cindy@res-one.com www.r1furnishings.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Retirement Funding Solutions, Inc.  
  Jim Warns Phone# (804) 714-8007  
Cell# (804) 714-8007
4860 Cox Road, Suite 268
Richmond, VA 23060
  jwarns@rfslends.com www.rfslends.com  
I help seniors access the equity in their homes in support of their financial needs in retirement and their desire to remain in their own home.
  Right At Home  
  Dexter Jones Phone# (804) 793-9171  
Cell# (804) 793-9171
3212 Cutshaw Avenue, Suite 205 Fax# (803) 793-9158
Richmond, VA 23230
  djones@rahrichmond.com www.rightathome.net/richmond-virginia  
Please Enter Description Here
  Right at Home Chesterfield  
  Meredith Zimberg Phone# (804) 715-4607  
Cell# (804) 621-9128
10100 Ironbridge Rd, Suite 200 Fax# (804) 715-4802
Chesterfield, VA 23832
  meredithrah@outlook.com www.rightathome.net/chesterfield  
We are an in home health provider. We provide transportation, companions, CNAs and PCAs to meet a variety of needs from companionship to full care. We can be there for as little as 2 hours to 24, one day to seven days per week. We can help you or your loved one stay in their home if that is the right situation for you. Our goal is to improve your quality of life in any way that we can. Even if you choose not to use our services, we will help you find a service that benefits your needs.
  Sally Sperberg, CSA, ALFA  
  Sally Sperberg Phone# (804) 615-9485  
11228 Riverchase Dr
Richmond, VA 23233
  Select Financial Partners  
  Anne Dunnburg Phone# (804) 269-5346  
Cell# (804) 212-9524
2211 Dickens Rd., Suite 270 Fax# (804) 269-5347
Richmond, VA 23230
  anne@selectfinancialpartners.com www.selectfinancialpartners.com  
We broker with 30+ companies to evaluate and provide suitable insurance and financial services at a reasonable cost. Our bottom line is not profit, but doing what's right for our clients. Our senior specialties include Select Medicare Solutions, retirement income, Life Insurance for people with health problems, group benefits for businesses serving seniors, and speaking engagements on a variety of topics of interest to seniors. Please visit us at selectfinancialpartners.com to learn more.
  Senior Assisted Solutions  
  Marc Friedlander Phone# (973) 650-2720  
Cell# (973) 650-2720
4990 Sadler Pl. #2833 Fax# (804) 200-4320
Glen Allen, VA 23058
  marc@seniorassistedsolutionsva.com www.seniorassistedsolutionsva.com  
Providing a FREE service for families in need of assisted living/memory care placement for their loved one. We personalize this service as we tour the facility with the family and alleviate the stress during this emotional process every step of the way. Serving the greater Richmond area.
  Senior Bridge  
  Tina Perry Phone# (804) 282-0753  
Cell# (804) 389-9615
6802 Paragon Place Fax# (804) 282-7850
Richmond, VA 23230
  cperry1@seniorbridge.com www.seniorbridge.com  
  Bonnie Scimone Phone# (804) 525-7728  
7501 Boulders View Dr, Bldg IV, Suite 201 Fax# (804) 525-7729
North Chesterfield, VA 23225
  bonnie@seniornavigator.org www.virginianavigator.org  
SeniorNavigator (www.SeniorNavigator.org)combines the Internet with a network of community-based Navigator Centers to bring over 28,000 health and aging resources to seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities. The website includes a wide variety of information and services including: transportation, housing options, free clinics, congregate meal sites, Area Agencies on Aging, as well as financial assistance for prescription medications, utility bills, and more.
  Seniors Guide  
  Brian Ross Phone# (804) 674-5004  
PO Box 35026 Fax# (804) 674-6318
Richmond, VA 23235
  Brian@RossPublishing.com www.SeniorsGuideOnline.com  
Our goal is to educate people about the services, housing and care options available to Seniors in the Central Virginia area. We do this through our free magazine, The SeniorsGuide and on our website.
  Seniors Guide  
  Jan Carrington Phone# (804) 674-5004  
Cell# (804) 387-8533
711 Moorefield Park Drive
North Chesterfield, VA 23235
  jan@seniorsguideonline.com www.seniorsguideonline.com  
The Seniors Guide is a comprehensive guide to all things senior. Serving the Greater Richmond, Charlottesville, and Fredericksburg Areas. We reach thousands of seniors, their families, and industry professionals each day. We help seniors connect with active adult homes, independent living, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living, nursing care, rehab care, at home care, alzheimer's and dementia care. In addition, we feature products and services designed specifically for seniors.
  Seniors Guide  
  Johnny Ross,IV Phone# (804) 674-5004  
PO Box 35026 Fax# (804) 674-6318
Richmond, VA 23235
  johnny@seniorsguideonline.com www.SeniorsGuideOnline.com  
Our goal is to educate people about the services, housing and care options available to Seniors in the Central Virginia area. We do this through our free magazine, The SeniorsGuide and on our website.
  Seniors Guide  
  Katharine Ross Phone# (804) 674-5004  
PO Box 35026 Fax# (804) 674-6318
Richmond, VA 23235
  katharine@rosspublishing.com www.SeniorsGuideOnline.com  
Our goal is to educate people about the services, housing and care options available to Seniors in the Central Virginia area. We do this through our free magazines, The Seniors Guide and Home Care Choice and on our websites www.SeniorsGuideOnline.com and www.HomeCareChoice.com. Businesses targeting the seniors industry can find a solution in our products to any marketing need they may have.
  Seniors Helping Seniors Chesterfield County  
  Lurene Reck Phone# (804) 921-4280  
7400 Beaufont Springs Dr., Suite 300
N Chesterfield, VA 23225
  shs.lurene@outlook.com www.seniorshelpingseniors.com/chesterfieldcountyva  
Seniors Helping Seniors, is a non-medical, in-home services provider for Chesterfield County, matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help. It's a unique relationship built between people who understand the challenges aging brings. We work with you to find a senior who can help meet the special needs, schedule, and personality of a senior seeking care. We are flexible and can personalize our services for each individual.
  Seniors Helping Seniors Henrico +Richmond West End  
  Jan Muscarella Phone# (804) 476-0092  
Cell# (804) 551-1860
12149 Glen Gary Circle Fax# (804) 447-5496
Henrico, VA 23233
  jan@shsrva.com www.seniorshelpingseniors.com/richmond  
We provide household and companion services that help seniors to age in place. We are unique because we match seniors who need help with seniors who want to help and who understand the challenges of aging. Our office serves the West End of Richmond and Goochland.
  Serenity Home Care, LLC  
  Ivori Locke Phone# (804) 318-1591  
Cell# (804) 489-1081
9510 Ironbridge Road #210 Fax# (866) 597-1700
Chesterfield, VA 23832
  ivori.locke@shcofva.com www.shcofva.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Sheltering Arms Home Health  
  Kim Zincone Phone# (804) 249-4611  
Cell# (804) 510-8369
620 Moorefield Park Dr, Suite 100 Fax# (804) 249-4615
Richmond, VA 23236
  kzincone@shelteringarmshomehealth.com http://www.shelteringarms.com  
  Spring Arbor Cottage of Richmond  
  Emily Hardesty Phone# (804) 308-3500  
Cell# (804) 489-8304
10601 Barbara Lane Fax# (804) 325-3549
Richmond, VA 23233
  rdcmktg@hhhunt.com http://springarborliving.com/locations/richmond-va-senior-memory-care.htm  
Spring Arbor Cottage of Richmond is a brand new, all memory care community in the heart of Richmond's West End. We offer a unique campus with three quaint cottages which can accommodate 16 residents each. Our three cottages are situated on five+ acres, providing beautiful outdoor space and walking paths. Call for more information or to schedule a tour today!
  Spring Arbor of Richmond  
  Patti Schwemer Phone# (804) 754-8700  
Cell# (434) 548-3594
9991 Ridgefield Parkway
Henrrico, VA 23233
  rdmktg@hhhunt.com www.springarborliving.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  Spring Arbor of Salisbury  
  Jennifer Kelsey-Backus Phone# (804) 897-2727  
Cell# (804) 317-4631
14001 Turnberry Ln Fax# (804) 897-9177
Midlothian, VA 23113
  symarketing@hhhunt.com www.springarborliving.com  
Residential assisted living with a secured wing called 'The Cottage' for Alzheimer'/Dementia care. We are a single level building with 67 various sized apartments in assisted living, and 13 private or shared apartments in The Cottage. Nursing care is provided 24/7; other amenities include three well-balance meals each day, transportation to/from doctors appointments, laundry/housekeeping done weekly, very full activities calendar for all to enjoy! Come to visit and enjoy lunch on us!
  Susan's Selections  
  Roy Lambertson Phone# (804) 232-6480  
4909 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230
  Roy@morethanmoving.com www.SusansSelections.com  
Susan's Selections is an estate sale & consignment sale company that conducts on-site estate and moving sales. We also sell antiques, collectibles, unique items, furniture and home furnishings on consignment in our store. Susan's Selections is a Power Seller on eBay. And we clear out houses, leaving the house broom clean. When clearing out houses, we select items to sell on consignment and drop off donations.
  Synergy Home Care  
  Brooke Heilsen Phone# (804) 510-0250  
Cell# (804) 510-0250
4870 Sadler Rd, Suite 300 Fax# (804) 510-0258
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  brookeheilesen@synergyhomecare.com www.synergyhomecare.com/agencies/va/glen-allen/va06  
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  Tax & Business Solutions  
  David Dye Phone# (804) 745-4242  
Cell# (804) 980-0502
201 Wylderose Commons, Suite 104 Fax# (804) 858-0049
Midlothian, VA 23113
  david.dye@taxbizsol.com www.taxbizsol.com  
  TBL Services  
  Cheryl Ann Nici-O'Connell Phone# (804) 909-0038  
Cell# (804) 909-0038
6507 D Woodlake Village Court
Midlothian, VA 23112
Certified American Red Cross Insructors will train your staff in CPR, AED, First Aid, Healthcare Provider CPR/AED and more. Small and large group options available. Conduct training at your work site. Schedule classes when you want or need the training done. Training available 24/7. Some restrictions may apply in accordance with ARC requirements and guidelines.
  TechStar Tutors  
  Tammy Glotz Phone# (804) 442-7827  
Cell# (804) 385-8529
3318 King's Farm Drive
Midlothian, VA 23113
  tammy@techstartutors.com www.techstartutors.com  
We hire tech-savvy college students and graduates to provide personalized individual or group technology lessons for adults over 50 in their home or at a neutral location. Our mission is to help adults over 50 communicate better with family and friends.
  The Crossings at Hanover  
  Kristin Cole Phone# (804) 212-2110  
Cell# (804) 229-5043
8227 Meadowbridge Road Fax# (804) 789-0868
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
  kcole@thecrossingsathanover.com www.thecrossingsathanover.com  
Hanover's newest address for Assisted Living and Memory Care! The Crossings at Hanover offers luxury, convenience, fun and most importantly great care - making it a great place to live for seniors!
  The Crossings at Hanover  
  Linda Underdown Phone# (804) 212-2110  
Cell# (804) 241-0330
8227 Meadowbridge Road Fax# (804) 789-0868
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
  lunderdown@thecrossingsathanover.com www.thecrossingsathanover.com  
Please Enter Description Here
  The Towers - Independent / Assisted Living  
  Russell Williams Phone# (804) 320-1412  
Cell# (804) 677-0222
7015 Carnation Street Fax# (804) 320-5132
Richmond, VA 23225
  russell.williams@rui.net www.rui.net/the-towers  
Over 10+ years of Leadership experience in the Senior Living field, including Administrator positions and Consulting Services. THE TOWERS is an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community located near Chippenham Hospital. Convenient to Forest Hill, Bon Air, Midlothian, Chesterfield.
  The Towers-Senior Living  
  Shauna Brown Phone# (804) 320-1412  
Cell# (973) 879-1923
7015 Carnation Street Fax# (804) 320-5132
Richmond, VA 23225
  shauna.brown@rui.net www.rui.net/the-towers  
Please Enter Description Here
  The Village at ManorCare  
  Joan Shepherd Phone# (804) 523-8721  
Cell# (804) 687-7100
2125 Hilliard Road Fax# (804) 553-4962
Richmond, VA 23228
Please Enter Description Here
  Thinking Cap Technologies  
  Chuck Renfro Phone# (804) 928-3689  
Cell# (804) 928-3689
7305 Hancock Village Drive, Suite 508
Chesterfield, VA 23832
  crenfro@thinkingcaptechnologies.com www.thinkingcaptechnologies.com  
We provide technology training to the 55 and beyond generation to help them communicate with family and frieds, get answers to questions and be entertained. We do this by class room, one on one private training and events. Our events are also being used by marketing directors to help promote their community. We provide consulting, training and support of individules and the communities they live.
  TNT Transportation, Inc  
  Debbie Scott Phone# (804) 270-3258  
Cell# (540) 312-9759
10124 West Broad Street, Suite G Fax# (803) 463-413
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  debbies@TNTauto.com www.tntvans.com  
TNT Transportation Service Inc. provides transportation for seniors and disabled individuals to appointments, airport, church and outings while providing the best quality service from a transportation company. We also have wheelchair vans to transport those in wheelchairs. We also provide vehicles for rental as well as Limo services for special occasions, like weddings, wine/beer tours and trips to the airport. Christmas Tours - Tour de lights RVA. Call for scheduling and more information.
  TNT Transportation, Inc  
  Jim Hribar Phone# (804) 270-3258  
Cell# (804) 339-8204
10124 W Broad Street, Suite G Fax# (804) 346-3413
Glen Allen, VA 23060
  jameshribar@yahoo.com www.tntvans.com  
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  VanGo Transportation Services  
  Molly MacBean Phone# (804) 261-7388  
Cell# (804) 822-2816
5805 School Avenue Fax# (804) 261-7392
Henrico, VA 23228
  molly.macbean@verizon.net www.vangorichmond.com  
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  We Think In Ink  
  Raymond S Toidins Phone# (804) 798-7885  
Cell# (804) 539-3468
305 England St Fax# (866) 883-5813
Ashland, VA 23005
  chipt@wethinkinink.com www.wethinkinink.com  
Commercial Printing. Our specialty is short run color so you don't need to carry inventory. No one likes to order too many to get the best price. Tell us how many you need this year. We price it and you can order them a little at a time. How nice when a phone number, adddress or mission changes.
  Wesley Insurance Agency  
  John Zachary Phone# (804) 382-7684  
Cell# (804) 382-7684
818 Green Vista Drive Fax# (804) 560-7703
Chester, VA 23836
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